Sunday, July 31, 2011

Busy Sunday!

It was nice seeing the riders and racers at the Milford House last night and it was also a great time to hang out with everyone from the shop!   Today we had the Milford Crit race, our regular Sunday road ride from Walled Lake and a impromptu group ride from Waterford to Milford to watch the races.    Thanks everyone from coming out for the rides and for stopping by the Cycletherapy tent at the race.    So, how did the race go for us?    Well we wanted to have more riders but, due to injuries and the race categories filling up quickly we only had one rider.   

Mr. Mark P. was representing Cycletherapy - Specialized at the races with his Crux Cyclocross bike.   Early in the race Mark took the lead and held that lead until 21 minutes left then he settled into the pack of riders.   Coming up on one lap to go Mark bolted to the front and carried the pack until the final climb.   On that final climb he encounter some intense competition leaving him to finish about mid pack.  

It was a great event!  And nice to see all levels of riders out on the course.   We even saw some Mountain Bikes on the course in the CAT 5 group!     So congrats to all the racers, promoters and sponsors for a great race on a perfect sunny day!

Picture to come soon!    Next up, a little trek up north to Big M.

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